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Including meditation supplies, on-line zen and buddhist texts and teachings ....

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Meditation Supplies On-Line Educational Resources Groups in the DC/Baltimore Area

Meditation Supplies (zafus, zabutons, seiza benches, etc)
Carolina Morning Designs
Samadhi Cushions
Zen Mountain Monastery
Zen Home Stitchery
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On-Line resources for learning about Zen and Buddhism
A series of lectures on the classic Zen poem "Faith in Mind" by Zen Master Sheng Yen.
A nice Glossary of Buddhist terms
A very nice collection of Dharma Talks by Korean Zen Masters
The Awakening of Faith a very influential Mahayana teaching.
The Sutra of Perfect Enlightenment another very influential text
Faith In Mind the classic Zen poem by the Third Patriarch
The Dhammapada Poetry by the Buddha
Sitting meditation instructions.
Why We Chant by Zen Master Seung Sahn
Shambhala Publications Buddhist Books by the Boatload!
Wisdom Publications more Buddhist Books!
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Zen Groups in the D.C./Baltimore Area:
Dae Do Sah home page probably how you got here.
All Beings Zen A Zen Community in Washington, DC.
Kashin Zendo Genzo-ji A Japanese style Zen group in Chevy Chase.
The Washington Mindfulness Community Thich Nhat Hanh's group in the D.C. area.
The World Zen Fellowship Formerly the Potomac Zen Sangha.
The American Zen College And yet another Korean style Zen group - this one in Germantown.
The Burning House Zendo A Rinzai Zen group in Baltimore.
Zen Community of Baltimore A multifaith Zen community in the White Plum lineage.
Baltimore Dharma Group Another Baltimore group.
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